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How to Keep Your Boots Looking Good and Make Them Last

Boots deserve a long life

First Things First

Lets be honest, there are as many styles and leathers of cowboy boots as there are makes and models of cars. But for the majority of boots we can break them into 2 classifications, traditional/work boots and fashion boots. Obviously as the names imply these boots serve completely different functions and as such each boot should be cleaned differently to avoid damaging them, keeping them functional, and looking good

Little Cleanings Help

Minimum Cleaning

Your boots are going to get dirty, how you handle it will not only determine how good your boots look but more importantly how long they will last. Mud and dirt will suck the oil out of the leather and lead to dry leather making your boots more prone to cracking, dry rot and tears. For traditional boots simply remove it with a soft brush or damp cloth and rub the entire boot to remove dust from any crevices. If your boots are made out of suede be sure to avoid using water and use a suede brush to remove the stains. Be sure to have a boot cleaning cloth as using other rags with cleaning chemicals on them may seriously damage the leather.


Keeping your boots clean and dry will help them last but to ensure a good looking boot for years to come conditioning the boot is essential. We recommend Obenauf's oil leather.

First, test the conditioner in a small, inconspicuous area to be sure you are pleased with the effect. Your leather may darken. Migration of oil through all fiber layers may take 7 days to show actual final color. Penetration will vary as leather density varies considerably in different areas due to thickness, dryness, and texture. Also, absorption depends on what finish has been put on the leather and what products have been applied previously.

The recommended approach is to apply one treatment at room temperature. Wait 1 hour for proper absorption, and buff to remove any excess oil. You may apply a second application. Be sure you do not saturate the leather.

Tips and Tricks

Temperatures over 100 degrees can harm your leather. Never heat or dry boots near the fire, in a oven or dryer.

Extreme heat can cause the glue bond on your boots to weaken.

Remove mud, dirt and dust before it draws oils out of the leather.

Clean leather regularly to remove corrosive residues.

Hang boots upside down during the drying process

Prevention is easier than restoration. Its easier to protect the boot using leather preservatives prior to exposure than trying to restore the leather after its damaged.

Oil your boots before storing to avoid dry rot, premature cracking, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth

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